Current Event Post of Titanic Proportion

April 11, 2012 § 17 Comments

I know, you’re all impressed by how topical and culturally relevant I am.



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§ 17 Responses to Current Event Post of Titanic Proportion

  • lizfruitberry says:

    Loved your blog! Hilarious, however might I make a suggestion?
    1. Took me forever to find the comment button. Try a theme that puts it at the bottom. Not only that the whiteness of the theme almost blinded me.
    2. I would blot out the curse words, so it’s viewable to everyone, but that’s just my opinion. I have a seperate blog that is R rated.
    3. Just not liking the theme at all, feels univiting.
    4. change your settings under general and put it to only show one post per page. You will get more clicks this way.
    5. I would add Pinterest to your buttons. Eveyrone uses that now, I don’t but they do.
    6. Try putting some more widgets on the sidebar. Go to Appearance and then widgets, drag them to the sidebar. It’s just this theme seems too empty, and doesn’t see like “you” at all. By reading your post sounds like you made need a theme that is a little more “retro and cool” I am 30 so of course, my theme is BORING. Most of my readers are women.

    —This is just my opinion, please don’t take offense. Please delete this comment after reading. 🙂 Great writing that is some funny stuff! love the FB copies, hilarious! Keep blogging.


  • lizfruitberry says:

    PS, I have tried almost every single theme! Just keep changing them to see what gets me the most traffic. the one I have right now is getting me nothing, need to switch back to a bolder theme.

    • Vilipend says:

      Thank you for your feedback and I ALWAYS appreciate criticism.
      1. I really like this theme but the comment button is a bit hard to find, I agree.
      2. That’s too much work for me. If I was trying to do more with this blog, maybe it would probably be a good idea but right now I’m okay with alienating younger readers. The youth sucks anyway!
      3. Haha, I really like this theme for some reason but I you do make valid concerns.
      4. I’ll look into that. I’m not too sure what that means, but it sounds cool.
      5. I don’t use pinterest but it’s probably better then my current method, tinypic. I should probably switch to that. Great idea.
      6. I have been meaning to add some widgets but I’m lazy.
      7. I’m way behind on a ton of work but I’ll play around with a few other themes, but like I said I really like this one and I’m willing to put up with whatever shortcomings it may have.

      Thank you so much for your feedback and I promise to take everything into consideration though!

  • It’s Titanic week on the National Geographic channel in Canada!

  • I don’t even understand how you never stumble across a Titanic reference in the real world that is obviously NOT referring to a fictional movie. Jesus. XD

  • I’m laughin. And agog…Also, I never did comment on your ‘breaking up on facebook’ post, which I thought such a great way of commenting on the crazy place we (the internet-ed (sub)yuman race) find ourselves in –
    twas deeply amusin.

    And I hope you don’t mind, Villipend, but I’ve just got a few simple suggestions to make:
    1. I think you should change your subject matter.
    2. Consider changing your name.
    3. Change you sex.
    4. Change your underwear every day.
    5. In fact, why not sew an image into a gusset, call yourself ‘lovegusset’ and
    6. …then I’LL get more hits!
    It’s sound advise, my friend, face it, because it’s obvious you don’t know how to express who you are via this medium. OH! and why not comment on my blog maybe (seeing as you followed it – but I suppose that was a really insincere, selfish thing to do with the intention of getting me to follow you so that you could eventually feel embittered and abandoned when I suddenly drop you, and then you could insult me willy-nilly – yes??!)
    ps. Me, I like your theme, I like your curse words. (retro and cool – HA!) I’m into minimalism.
    pps. Apologies to Lizfruitberry. (I guess I’ll look into pinterest, hypocrite that I am)

  • pps. (before you tell me) I just realised I spelt Vilipend wrong…like, duh…

    And also, I read a while ago on your blog (or was it your gravitar?) what Vilipend means but I now can’t find it. I want to read it again as I can’t remember the actual words, just the sentiment, and that it related to the edge you play on so well.

    • Vilipend says:

      The facebook post was just something someone posted on a facebook. As I am an extremely creative super genius, I turned it into a wordpress friendly format and posted it up and took credit for it! As for your suggestions:

      1. I was thinking about starting a blog about hemoglobin, but I felt that topic is too polarizing. We can always dream, though.
      2. It was between this or GuyWhoOccasionallyBlogs. I felt the latter was too vague, though.
      3. Do you mean sex as in gender or the type of sex? I don’t know whether going from male to female would be harder than going from no sex to some sex.
      5. I don’t think I have the sewing experience to do that and I only sort of like gusset, which would ruin the strong journalistic reputation that I have created for myself.
      6. Will you still get more hits if I say, “KindOfFondOfGusset?

      Whenever someone follows me, I put their name into an excel spreadsheet and I create a variety of insults on the off chance they unfollow me. I DARE YOU TO UNFOLLOW.

      P.S Vilip—never mind. Vilipend means to “regard or treat as of little value or account” and I picked that word because the general way you should read my posts!

  • WAIT! WHAT?? TITANIC WAS REAL?? That means… ye gods… that means… LEONARDO DI CAPRIO IS REAL??

    (btw I HAVE to say, your blog theme is great, your cursing is fucking brilliant, and ‘vilipend’ is an awesome word. Anyone who disagrees can shove their criticism up their fadge *looks pointedly above*)

  • Karen says:

    Loved this post, just goes to show that the educational system is in desperate need of a major overhaul 😀
    Oh, and the comment by lizfruitberry (was that a real comment or part of your blog?) Very funny indeed…
    – Karen

    • Vilipend says:

      Really? I thought the take away was that Titanic received too much love at the box office even though it really wasn’t that great of a film. The comment by LizFruitBerry was a real comment. She’s just trying to help me out and there isn’t a messaging system.

      • Karen says:

        I don’t know what kind of film it was really as I have never watched it – how sad am I 🙂 – I could comment “OH The Titanic tragedy had a block buster film?!” 😉

  • spdk1 says:

    oh man! this post makes me so sad for the future!

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